World Down Syndrome Day is Getting Closer

On March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day (get it, DS is when you have 3 of chromosome 21, March 21 = 3 – 21). As this is our first WDSD I am not sure how to really make this day something special. Cabronsito wrote a really great blog if you click here (and please do). Like Martin a.k.a Cabronsito  says, should we celebrate and throw a big party, should we give each other gifts (highly likely that Vince will receive something from his Mom as she can hardly ever refuse him cute stuff…), bake a cake, or what should we do?

Here is my plead to all of you non-DS:ers reading. Just please spread the word! Ask any questions you might have, and I will answer (here I go, I will start adding my comments in the comments). At the moment I have a lot of friends who are pregnant and I am pretty sure that most of them are no longer (if they even were before) afraid to have a child that happens to have an extra chromosome. I am bowing in their honor! So please, go out there, tell EVERYONE about my Prince Vince or anyone else you know with DS. Help us spread the world, that really, extra chromosome is just extra love!

Picture of the day: Who would have guessed that Vince has yet another striped shirt? Long live Polarn o Pyret (PO.P)!


15 Responses

  1. Ska genast skriva upp att den 21 mars ska firas med tårta, eller något annat mumsigt. Puss och kram från oss i HBG.

  2. Guess what, my best friend is prengant right now at age 41. She doesn’t wanna know, if the baby has DS or nor, cause it wouldn’t make a difference anyway.
    And that has to do a little bit with Marina!

  3. I wouldn’t even know about WDSD had it not been for you and your blog friends here. That day is Braska’s 4-month birthday, but we’ll be sure to think about what neat WDSD celebration tradition we can begin as well.

  4. Hej älsklingar!

    Ska självklart fira! Blir nog bakad kaka eller liknande. Kanske firar med ett inköp. Teknisk fråga: Eftersom min gudson bor so far away och jag inte träffar honom så mycket, räknas det om jag köper något till hans gudmor i hans ära? Vill ju liksom inte att han ska skämmas över sin gudmor..

  5. We haven’t decided yet either how to make our day special. We most definitely will be celebrating our wonderful baby girl though!!

  6. Not sure what we’re going to do yet 🙂 Vince is sooo cute in his striped shirt – and sitting up so tall!!! He’s getting to be soooo big!!!

  7. We’re not sure what to do yet either…wouldn’t it be great if a bunch of us could all get together to celebrate??

    Dare to dream.

    And wouldn’t it also be great if I could buy PoP clothes online?? :O)

  8. This picture is to die for!!!!
    Great idea with the big party – I am with you guys!!!!

  9. I love his bath vidio, I read you everyday, thank you for sharing “The Prince” with me.

  10. Good thing that this day is also the beginning of spring time. So I expect that day to be a sunny and mild and warm early spring day – just perfect for grilling. Looking forward to celebrate with you. Puss puss

  11. Christina, you’re such a sweetheart! If you’re ever serious with my second book, let me know. I will start with the book on “Fathers and Kids” this spring – your two handsome boys would be excellent models!!! 🙂 Ask them!!!
    How far are you guys from Bavaria – my in-laws live in Landshut.

  12. Ok – we have to do some serious planning now. Check your schedules for Easter and Whitsun …. Can’t wait!!! That will be so much fun! I promise!!! 🙂

  13. I remember when the inaugural WDSD came about last year and I thought, ok what are we supposed to do with this day now? LOL If you search my archives for last Mar 21st you’ll see my small little post on it 🙂

  14. […] 21st, 2007 · No Comments As I said before, today is World Down Syndrome Day. We finally figured out what we can do to make a little […]

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