I am giving Vincent a late afternoon nap every day in order to put him down a bit later. He now goes to bed around 7.30ish. So 1.5 hrs later equals 30 minutes extra sleeping time for us in the morning. He most often wakes up at 4.30, anything later is considered a real sleep-in and a treat for us. Plus to add to his new sleep routine, he now wakes up 2 times a night for a feed, instead of 1 or sleeping through as he did when I put him down at 6pm. Strange, I know, and I sure don’t understand it.

When Bookie came back from his last business trip from the US in beginning of April he had bought a Clinique Eye Kit for me. It was mascara, eyeliner, eye make-up remover, and an eye cream. The eye cream called Clear Eyes (I think) has worked wonders on my eyes, and I can actually say that yes it does remove puffiness, black circles under the eyes plus whatever else it promised. I was skeptical to its use, but after all those long hours awake at night, I did feel a bit better with my eye cream. Vain I know, but hey you do not often get the feeling of glamour at 4 am in the morning, so you got to do what works for you, right? Anyways, I had to pee after the 3 am feeding this morning and headed for the bathroom. Done and flushing I decided to put on the cream, so I reached for it and fumbled somehow, lost the grip of it, and down it fell into the flushing toilet… So now it is gone. Floating in the sewer systems of the alps somewhere, never to be found again… at least not by me.

6 Responses

  1. Hej, no worries. Maybe Santa will find it ; )
    Puss puss, Booker

  2. Ack min älskling, vilket trauma! Använder oxå den, så jag kan RELATERA!! Låt det bli en läxa för dig, inga värdesaker i närheten av spolande toaletter. Puss

  3. Oh those nightly feedings – just the same with Ramona. She used to sleep through the night, and when her teeth came in started waking 3-4 times. The “highlight” was her waking every 1.5 hours, on the minute! Now she sleeps through again, so there’s still hope for you. And I just read that the sleeping bag fits – glad to hear Vincent likes it!!

  4. I was just at a Clinique counter today getting new makeup, and the salesgirl tried to push me into buying that same eye cream. I resisted since I was already spending too much money, but I’m glad to hear it works. Sorry yours went down the drain…..!

  5. As you know, there happens to be a mall about .5 mile from the office. Would you like me to pick it up and send it to you? Can you tell I’m looking for an excuse to go shopping???

  6. Oh dear! That’s awful that your cream got flushed down the toliet! Maybe Santa will bring you some more???

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