Sleeping, Oh No!

Whoever, wherever for whatever reason decided to use summer/winter time needs to be severely punished. Once upon a time I lived in lovely Hawaii, where they do not differentiate between summer time and winter time. One of the best reasons to live there… I think Indiana has the same deal, however, I have a hard time comparing Indiana – eventhough I only saw Muncie, IN to Hawaii. Still why have wintertime????

Let me recap. Vince has had the great habit of waking up around 4.30 – 5 am the last month. Kills me, but that is the way it is, so this family gets a bright and early start. Thankfully, he falls a sleep early and sleeps through till when he wakes up. And believe me, I have tried to get him to fall a sleep again, but the little guy is just smiling and babblering away as happy as can be and sleep is the furthermost thing from his mind. I have tried to let him go to bed later, he falls asleep around 6 pm. Trying to keep him awake results in him screaming, and screaming A LOT and LOUD. The acoustics in our apartment is amazing as we have stonewalls… As soon as you put him down he falls asleep within 1 min. I have tried to give him late afternoon naps, but the same thing happens. Still ready for bed at 6pm. And now we have wintertime… Today my angel woke up at 2.50 am… He took a 30 min nap around 6 am, and a little short nap in the swing at 7.30 am. He has to sleep a little, as we have therapy at 9 am, and he will be totally exhausted without any sleep…

So I have decided, the next time it is election (where I am eligible to vote) I will vote for whatever party that decides to take away winter/summer time. No matter what the rest of their ideology, thoughts, efforts are… I just need some sleep!

3 Responses

  1. Men stackars liten – du alltså… Kan meddela att även Indiana numera ställer om klockan, så inte någon idé att flytta dit.

  2. Vad jättesöt din baby är! Särskilt filmen där han rullar runt! I am mother of Ylva , the author of the blog “Ylvas minnen” (=Memories of Ylva).
    We are so happy you found her blog! Please also look at her workshop “”! Ylva is 31 years old and she has Down´s syndrome. She was that sweat when she was a baby and she still is. Now she is an artist. She always loved painting, drawing and writing. She lived with me until five years ago, when she moved to Stockholm from Gävle as we found an art school for her. She attended the school for three years whereafter she was able to start working at Inuti.
    We phone each others each day, and so we cooperate with blogging when we cannot see each others.

  3. Joey’s been waking up at 4 am the past couple days… I feel your pain!

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