Physical Therapy

We had the physical therapy evaluation today. Our appointment was at 11 am, and as Vincent did not look like he was going to take a nap in his bed, I decided to walk to the hospital. It is almost 10km, or 6 miles so it took us about 2 hours, but at least Vincent slept the whole way.

The meeting with the therapist went very well. She said that he is definitely not hypo-tone. His muscles are as strong as any other baby’s with or without DS. Vincent was doing awesome and seemed to have a blast with the exercises. In the end she concluded that he is not behind in his development at all. He can hold his head really well and he is working on turning over. He was (as usual) kicking and waving his arms in the air. He also grabbed some toys she held and played with them. She said she had never before seen such an active baby with DS. Not that it matters, but it felt good to know that Vincent will not need this therapy. But she said we were always welcome back whenever we wanted and that we should feel free to stop by if we wanted to learn some more exercises to do with him. So the clinic was a relief and I was so relaxed afterwards. I was not suspecting he would have any issues. But it is always so nice to get it confirmed. At this point we will continue the early training with our DS specialist, join a play group in October, and do the baby-swim starting in September; plus all our other appointments that keep popping up every so often. Since Vincent was born it has been a lot of doctors’ appointments, specialists to see, and senses to have evaluated. He has really been patient and brave through all of it and I am so proud of my little man. Hopefully we get a rest for a few months now, apart from the regular check ups, and we will be able to just play “regular” baby games excluding therapists and specialists.

Below are some pics of my Prince from last night and today.
v2 v3v4 v5

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