Cardiology – One Out of Two Is Not so Bad?

On Vincent’s 4th day in life we had to do a complete heart examination as many children with DS are born with heart problems. If I have understood it correctly, about 50-60% of babies born with DS, have a hole between the four chambers/valves (most likely not the correct medical term), and need to have heart surgery. We were lucky as Vincent did not have this hole. He did have a tiny whole between the upper to chambers/valves and he also had what I think they call Ductus. This was a abnormal connection between the blood that the heart pump out and what it brings in. This is normal in newborn babies as this is how the heart works when the baby lives in the belly, and 4 days after birth it is common to still have it there.

Anyways, today was our check up at the cardiologist at the university hospital. It turns out that the abnormal connection has, like they suspected, healed itself. However, the hole is still there. It is 1.6mm, which supposedly is very small, and the doctor also told us that as many as 30% of all adults in the world also have a similar sized hole. No additional precautions need to be observed, and he will not need surgery. So I guess that is good news. I do not want to be greedy as Vincent’s health has been better that I would ever have dared dreaming about as soon as we started learning about DS. Yet, I was still hoping that the two issues with the heart would disappear. The next check up in the cardiology is for February 27, 2008 (yes they actually already put us on the calendar), so I guess that should be a sign that this is really nothing too serious. Maybe one out of two is not so bad in cardiology?

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