Finally – More Good News

Since Vincent was born he has not been able to breast feed. We both just did not get it. In the beginning he was just way too tired and weak. So I have pumped out breast milk since the beginning, much like a cow and sometimes it is hard to stop yourself from saying moo, but it has worked fine. I have a huge oversupply – even though Vincent drinks very well – and the content of our freezer is one ready-made pizza and approximately 1 months supply of frozen breast milk. Always freaks people (i.e. read men) out when they see that 🙂 

Anyways, it is sometimes a challenge for DS children to suck as their mouth muscle are weaker, sometimes the mouth is a little deformed or the tongue can be larger than optimal. But at the same time it is very important that they do breastfeed as this will build up the mouth muscles, the same muscles that are used for speech later on. This will improve the chances of less delayed speech development.

Vincent has been getting the bottle (Chicco – Avent’s nipple was too hard for him to get the food out of) and every once in a while I have tried to put him to a boob, which never worked. The poor kid was getting sprayed similar to taking a shower and we both ended up soaking wet and needed to change clothes. But as of a few days back he is becoming an expert and is getting the hint (probably better than his mom) and the breastfeeding is working pretty well! We still give him the bottle during the night, then Bookie can feed him too, and I get a rest. But he is learning and I am really proud of him!

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