Thank You all for the support and all sweet emails, phone calls and SMSs I have received since publishing the blog about Vincent and DS. We really appreciate it. For people not to be afraid and accept Vincent for who he is is exactly what we want. Just because he has DS does not mean he is less of a human being or that he is weird or stupid. He will just take a little longer to do certain things.

I now realize that DS is a lot more common than I knew. 1/600 births in Europe are to a DS child. It is the most common genetic disorder in the world, and for this I am thankful. There is a lot of research done, there are many specialists and we now know a lot more about it then just 10 years ago. My child has so many opportunities in his life to develop himself to as close as possible to a “normal” child. It will be an honor for me to work with him and learn from him.

Puffeltufflan, a blog Miriam found, is a single mom with a daughter with DS and four sons. On her blog she writes (unfortunately it does not translate very well, so I leave it in Swedish):

Jag är stolt över att ha en Downis
jag är stolt över att ha “normala” pojkar
Jag är stolt över att ha fem underbara ungar
En utvecklingsstörd och
fyra normalstörda
(åsså morsan är väl som hon är.. hehe)
mao så är vi alla lite störda…
Ingen mer eller mindre än den andre

I am proud to have a child with DS. I am proud of him and I think he is the most amazing little person (with a really funny personality) in the world. I know I am a tad biased, but still. My hope is that together with Vincent and Bookie, I can show the world and our society that DS is nothing to be afraid of. We are not strange (at least not more than we were before Vincent entered our world) and we are not different. We just will take a little longer to do things, and in between we have the chance to experience what really matters in life.

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