Sleepy Baby

According to Herr Dr Professor Oberarzt Urlesberger (seriously that is his title, they ar ebig on that stuff here) of the Neoantology division of the Medical University of Graz, children with DS sleep alot. So may be the case, but I still thought that would be unlikely with Vincent. After all, Bookie and me are his parents and we are not exactly known for being low on energy… Anyways, just as in the case with the diagnose of Vincent, it seems like Herr Urlesberger is right again…

Vincent spends most of the day’s 24 hours sleeping. He is awake about 2 hours a day, even though he is getting stronger and more alert every day.  He does not cry a lot either. Maybe once or twice a day, and that is when he is extremely hungry. He can easily be quieted down either by a bottle or with a pacifier. I know that I will probably regret writing this, but I actually wish he would cry/scream a little more. I am sure that by publishing this, I have thrown a gigantic rock into a glasshouse..

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